So here's a bit more about me, my family, and how this business came to exist. For the better part of a decade I’ve been a documentary photographer based in Seattle. In the early days as a freelancer I needed a vehicle that I could live in for indeterminate lengths of time, work out of comfortably, and go just about anywhere. The van was always been a trusty companion, affording me high levels of comfort and security while I worked.

Later, around the time my son turned 2, it became just as important to get our family out camping as it was for me to travel for my job, and the van sort of became another family member. The beauty of a Westfalia is you don't need to plan as much. We've been on countless spontaneous trips that we otherwise wouldn't have taken, and the memories of course are invaluable. 

So many of our friends that we've camped and traveled with have thought of owning a Westfalia, but affordable vans in reliable condition aren't easy to come by. As I began doing more and more mechanical work, pushing myself to do bigger and bigger jobs, I realized I had an opportunity. I could share this thing that I enjoy so much, and in turn expand my own knowledge and interest. From there all I needed was a name (and a few more vans). Black Forest Westfalias was born.